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10 Bakers Row, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 1AL, United Kingdom


Long running alternative night club. Also refered to as Club Metro, Metropolitan and Sweatros - Mostly popular with the student scene.

The venue used to run a popular rock and metal night on a Tuesday and Thursday, there are no longer any dedicated rock and metal nights but rather nights that play a mix of rock, indie and alternative (with drum and bass etc. mixed in)

Known locally for its great drink offers and being very sweaty (!), it remains a popular location on the Cardiff night club circuit.

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23 Aug. 2012, 00:08

metal night club

It's been full everytime iv gone & it has a good selection of drink's & they play metal. It not a nice place. Cardiff has alot of nice pub's go on a pub crawl.Dont goto metros.


18 June 2012, 00:06


Aww Metros, this place has been running for years!!! I still attend every now and again and its still as smelly People with a foot fetish would love this place ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;) Drinks are uber cheap and music is mainstream but its not a bad night out.