Fuel Rock Club

From 23 May 2019 to 26 May 2019

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    Website: facebook.com
    Tickets: £38.50 - Festival passBuy at www.fatsoma.com


    General details

    Fuel Rock Club takes place at Pure nightclub on Guildhall Place every other Saturday. Fuel is within walking distance from Cardiff centre.


    Pure Nightclub, Cardiff, Wales, CF11 6AG, Wales

    All events

    Jungle Rot: Send Forth Oblivion Europe 2019 - Part I
    18 April 2019 midnight
    Bllodshot Dawn: Reanimation UK & Ireland Tour 2018
    21 Jan. 2018 midnight
    Master: Omens Of Death European Tour 2017
    25 Oct. 2017 midnight

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    18 June 2012, 00:06

    Sucks Balls

    Ive been to Fuel before, but due to getting fed up of the promise of meeting bands at these so called Fuel after show parties (I never saw ANYONE famous at any of the nights I attened) and the rumours about the guy who runs Fuel being happy about the demise of TJs I took a break. So off we go to give the place another try and although there was no promise of Lemmy ,Alice Cooper and God knows who else turning up this time lol (and they didnt last time either) It still turned out to be a pretty rubbish night Maybe everyone was just having a bad day but we encounted rude security, rude bar staff and clueless DJs. One of my friends had to pay twice to get in after going outside just to have a fag!!! The DJs seemed set on only playing what they/their friends wanted to here and despite us being there from the start till near the end we didnt get a single song played. :( Not even my request for Alice Cooper! Anyway we gave it a chance but wont be making an appearance in Fuel anytime soon. Also... Whats with the website and all the pictures of the bald fat guy and has he photoshopped those people in with him?

    Morbid Dolly

    17 June 2012, 00:06


    This needs to be updated because this is now the new address for Fuel. I personally think Fuel is good when you're with good company and the people who go are always very friendly. I went there a week or two ago and had a laugh. More rock than heavy metal. It's a good place if you wanna chat, a drink and some rock music, more of a rock bar than a club.


    2 July 2010, 00:07

    Still rocking.....

    Thanks for the kind words as always. In the words of Oscar Wilde, the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about. Here at Fuel we are approaching our 4th birthday and continue to set the standard for others to follow. Since opening in 2006 we have been visited by members of Motorhead, KISS, Tigertailz, Dirty Sanchez, Funeral For a Friend, Katatonia, Napalm Death, Hed(PE), The Fuel Girls, even Alice Coopers daughter came and partied with us. Fuel plays music from across the metal genres and decades, with a team of approachable DJ's. If we ain't got your track, we can often download it there and then. Smack bang in the centre of Cardiff, Fuel continues to rock the people of Cardiff & South Wales.


    27 April 2009, 00:04


    Having read the reviews on here (and been harrassed into going on Facebook) I decided to pop down myself and see what the fuss was about. Whilst I wouldnt say its a really awful club, I have to agree that it really isn't a good one. doesn't have any kind of atmosphere to speak of, and the music is pretty sub-standard at best. Very little variety in what is played and whilst they cover the generic metal genre well, they lack anything from the heavier side of things altogether. Granted it was a very quiet night, but surely that's a reason to play requests rather than promise then not play em? Might go back if theres nowt else on, but theres not many reasons to do so.


    3 March 2009, 00:03

    Aftershow parties?!

    What's with Fuel claiming to host 'exclusive' aftershow parties when they have no official backing from record labels, and indeed no right to do so?? Bad form, if you ask me :|


    21 Jan. 2009, 00:01

    Don't bother!

    Been to the old fuel a couple of times and didn't think much of it. The music was boring,dj's weren't request friendly and the drinks were pricey! Wouldn't go again,there is a much better night in Cardiff bay for alternative music lovers :)


    22 Oct. 2008, 00:10

    Not true.

    Ummm, except for Metros (Nails, Doghouse and Strike, 3 nights that do rock and metal) and Barfly (Discord).... Why aren't they listed anyway?

    Rob @ Fuel

    21 Oct. 2008, 00:10

    Now Open til 3am

    Fuel Rock Club is now open til 3am and continues to open on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. We will also open on other nights for special events such as: Friday 31st October - Halloween party Saturday 15th November - Motorhead & Saxon Aftershow Party Friday 5th December - Slipknot / Machine Head / Children of Bodom Aftershow party We look forward to seeing you at the only rock club in Cardiff City Centre.

    Rob @ Fuel

    29 July 2008, 00:07

    Drinks prices

    As always, thanks for the comments. We have addressed the drinks prices and now offer some of the best deals in the city centre in any bar, let alone a rock club. These include 3 premium bottles for just £5, as well as other regular promotions.


    23 July 2008, 00:07

    minor gripe

    went to the new venue last week. Night was the same as before but in a bigger place. Main gripe i have though is the price of drinks! I don't think i've ever paid as much in a rock bar for spirits! Switched to beers and they were just as pricey. Really don't think they should have moved to be honest. It fit tafod, but in this new place it just seems a bit hollow and sparse, if that's the right words for it.