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    This might be the best place to let your hair down after a long week at work, or if you're just visiting the Southern region of Seattle. That is, if you like to take get into a mosh pit or drink booze around a barrel fire to unwind. The Morgue is by definition a filthy punk and metal hole, and offers the best chaos and excitement known in Washington without troublesome asses who are looking to fight because you made eye-contact.

    The Morgue is proudly owned and operated by a group of good natured punks, some of who'm have been embedded in different facets of Northwest music for years.

    Shows are generaly 'bring your own beer' events (a very cool in scenario considering Washington's stiff liquor laws).

    Be prepared to show Identification proving that you are 21 years old, unless you are certain that your show is all ages (sorry, baby).

    Here's the only schedule link I could find, copy and paste it into your search field if you have to, you lazy sod.


    5901 Airport Wy. South, Seattle, WA. 98108, Seattle, WA, 98108, USA

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