The Jackalope

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404 East 6th Street, Downtown, Austin, Texas, 78701, United States


A Jackalope is an American mythical creature, a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope. THE Jackalope, located on the infamous 6th Street of Downtown Austin, Texas, is a haven for resident and visiting lovers of Metal alike. The self-titled “Dive” bar have made the aforementioned myth-beast their mascot ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id; a sign above the front door sports an illustration, two steps inside you’ll face a giant fibreglass statue you can attempt to mount, and you can even purchase a shirt bearing the fabled animal.

The main bar is expansive, with two sides both providing ample seating at tables and also the bar itself. A pool table and several pinball and arcade machines are scattered throughout the bar ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id; a large wall-mounted flat-screen or two play a mixture of local TV, movies and sports games. Award-winning burgers and pizza can be ordered almost all night long ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id; if the bacon & brie is still being sold, give it a shot. The sign outside says “damn good food”, and it doesn’t lie.

The bar staff are amicable and definitely look the part ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id; many sporting colourful tattoos, multiple piercings and faded metal shirts. Drinks are cheap and strong, with a plenty of local and imported beers on offer. The crowd is generally what you’d expect from both a Metal dive bar and Texas’ most diverse city, with the odd out-of-place blow-in or two from time to time, and as per any other building in Texas, the air-conditioning is sweet respite from the unnaturally warm weather outside.

But where The Jackalope really shines, at least for the more Metal-hearted, is the patio out back. Primarily a smoking area, several industrial fans adorn the walls to help keep the Texan heat at bay (at least when it isn’t packed with people). A combination of metal, punk, rockabilly et al – from Opeth, Sepultura, and High On Fire to The Lively Ones or even some GG Allin - blares from the PA, and over the patio’s bar are three TV screens, angled so all outside can see, that play the staff’s selection of b-grade through z-grade horror movies. From The Toxic Avenger and Monster Brawl, to Black Devil Doll and Piranha.

Metal, smoking, horror, booze ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id; do I really need to go on? Didn’t think so.

On a Friday or Saturday night when all the jock douche bags are out harassing girls, I know where I’d rather be... m/

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