Beyond the Limit

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    Beyond the Limit sells band shirts, posters, patches, hats, incense, metal and punk cds as well as smoking gear. They also sell hair dye, metal and punk jewlery and various other trinkents. At one point, they were also peircing, but I don't know if they still offer that service.

    They sell music magazines and have a decent selection of underground punk and metal cds, dvds and even a small selection of vina, the last time I was in. They are a few doords down from Rolling Stone Records, one of Chicago's last big independent' records stores, so they seem to try to offer a different selection of music than them. I think they will also order releases from you.

    There is a decent offering of black, death and thrash from labels that don't enjoy the widest distribution. They post fliers for various local underground music events as well.

    This place is just outside of Chicago. There is some parking, but the area can get busy.


    7316 W. Irving Park Road, Norridge, IL, 60706, USA

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