Blue Meannie Records

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1164 N. Second Street, San Diego


This is San Diego's premier Metal Superstore - it has lots of rare Metal CDs, LPs, Death, Black, Rock and Punk stuff and sells also tickets. The shop has a quite cool decoration and is run by Norm Leggio, the former drummer of Psychotic Waltz. Newly moved to a different location, Blue Meannie now has a performance space so you can bang heads with your bretheren.


+11 619-442-5034

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Sean Peck

12 Oct. 2009, 00:10

2009 update

The mighty Blue Meanie records has been converted to a metal rehearsal facility where some of the best bands in San Diego rehearse including the mighty CAGE who Norm Leggio now plays drums for. If you need cds try Lou ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;s records in Encinitas great selection