The Rock Pub

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98/26-28 Hollywood (opposite Asia Hotel, Phaythai Road), Bangkok


A well established club that has run for over 2 decades with 40 rock bands performing on their stage and some have gone on to become famous on the Thai music scene.

Other great artists from all over the world have also played here such as SODOM, DRAGON FORCE, DORO, EXODUS, MR.GARY BOWDEN, and KING LYCHEE (Hong Kong)

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10 Aug. 2019, 08:08

The RockPub

Im surprised This giant of a rock venue isnt already on here - tbh, they really dont need to be Im almost reluctant to add this to the site coz anyone who looks for a rock bar Anywhere in Any country could not fail to find this one if they wanted to. But i think the majority of peeps on this site use it well and appreciate good toons You wont do better than this in Bkk. Not sure its open sundays but live music almost every night. GIgs (many multiple bands) at weekends. Great, and i mean great sounding bands who really know their stuff. Good atmosphere and only ever once found it uncomfortably packed in the 4 years i have known it. If you like your music, check out their range of styles online then make it a visit. you wont regret it.


19 Feb. 2012, 00:02

Not bad

We went here twice. The first night was great, with a really good local Thai band doing rock covers. The second night was not so good, the bands was a horrid expat group of creepy old men thinking they could rock (they couldn't). In fact, the high prices (for Thailand) means it is a bit of a foreigner hang-out which tends to mean disgusting old western men groping pretty young Thai women *shudder*. The staff are nice enough though. I'd probably go again, but only if I couldn't find another option.


11 Aug. 2011, 00:08

the best you can get in bangkok (sadly)

nice club with different housebands (not the music style ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;-) but there's not much happening. sometimes international live concerts.


14 Nov. 2010, 00:11

Best place in Bangkok!

I`ve been at The Rock Pub many times in the last 3 years, and it`s the best place for rockers and metalheads in Bangkok. They have 4 house bands and it`s 1 or 2 live bands every night from 9.30pm. They also have many special events. International bands who have been playing there in 2010 includes Caliban, Exodus, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Shai Hulud and Despised Icon. Marduk will play there next month. Some nights are very quiet, but it`s still a great place to relax and enjoy great, loud music. Check their website and Facebook page for information and updates:


31 Aug. 2010, 00:08


I went there in 2006 and saw my friends playing live for their 10th anniversary. Being able to sing with them in front of many Thai maniaks is just something I will never forget. So this place is not only special for me, but it is a great one for underground gigs. I would have liked to rate as excellent but during gigs in general they turn the air-con off and it's hot as Hell! I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to check a gig at The Rock Pub to go right away!


10 Sept. 2008, 00:09

Finally a ROCK Place

The place is quite cool. A real Rock bar that has been rocking for over 20 years !!! People were friendly but the day I went there weren't many customers. Prices are 100% correct and bands are pretty cool. Lots of happenings, concerts so you'd better watch out the program. Sad but not too many people during the week apparently. Don't go too early coz the bands don't start before 10pm (and last time I went the drummer was late so they started even later) Now that I know the place I WILL RETURN ! Rock on' Manu.

brandon geist

12 Jan. 2008, 00:01

pretty lame

Went here in Nov 2007 on a Weds night and the place was totally empty except for the wait staff, who seemed pretty bored. Bar was playing AC/DC and Poison concert video on a big screen - which might explain why they, and my wife and I, were so bored. Had one drink, then left.


27 July 2006, 00:07


What a rocking place! Great design, good live music, fair prices and quick and friendly service. Usually packed with long-haired locals and tourists that have a fun evening together!