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Eisengasse 11, Luzern, Zentralschweiz, Switzerland, 6004


A long established Rock /Alternative pub thats been going for around 30 years!
They have DJs and Rock/Metal Music on a regular basis.

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+41 (0)41 410 22 39

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daily til at least 0.30, most weekends til 04.00.

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11 Aug. 2008, 00:08

Great Pub - but the prices!!!!

Great little rock/metal pub we found dead central to Luzern and just around the corner from the Jailhotel we stayed at. The entrance to this place is deceptive as it is actually called "Downtown discobar" or something to that effect and does not look like a typical metal/rock pub at first glance from the street. However, once inside, the music selection was great, ranging from Judas priest to black sabbath to some more modern alterna-rock stuff (bleh). Beware however that they do not sell any beer on tap (sacrilege for a rock/metal pub) and that for a round of 1x"barbara" 330mL bottled beer and 1xWhiskey and cola = 18 francs = crikey.... However the barmaid liked us and gave us 1 x free round to end the night (and slightly reduce the pain...) Beware also that the ventilation in the place is poor and EVERYONE (including the barmaid!) smokes like chimneys so expect to walk out of the bar at 3am smelling worse than an ashtray! Still, a fun place to visit and drink as long as you have the cash to spare!


6 Aug. 2008, 00:08

Big deception...

I went there during the last European Football Championship (held in Switzerland and Austria) and... if this is the best metal bar in town... I feel really sorry for the metalheads in Luzern. Maybe on some days they will play rock or metal, but definitely not a single song when I was "in town".