Kelly's Bar & Restaurant

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Folkungagatan 49, Stockholm, Stockholm, 116 22, Sweden


Pretty well-known restaurant and bar where they play rock and metal.

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11 July 2012, 00:07

I really like this place

I have been here about 4 times, during 2 different trips and really like it. Like most bars in Stockholm you have to pay a small fee to put your bag or in the cloakroom. I did not know this the first time, I have no idea if is says so on the signs and do not speak Swedish. The doormen can get a bit aggressive if you just walk in and wander past the cloakroom area but they are aggressive in most Stockholm bars and the cloakroom fee compulsory in a lot of Stockholm bars. There is casino part which a lot of the local places seem to have. This bar is always packed with different types of clients from metalheads and punks to goths. Everyone is friendly, I met some good people, made friends and even had a few drinks bought for me, and not just from interested men. There is a mixture of music. I have seen a few fights kick of in there and my friend who has a shop nearby tells me that it is a rough place. I do not think anywhere in Stockholm is really rough, the police tend to turn up quickly and being drunk is not tolerated.


29 Oct. 2010, 00:10

Strange place

This place has an extrange combination. It mixes restaurant with pub and a casino. There is a "cloak fee" of 20SEK, a.k.a. entrance fee, but they keep your coat. Although the idea is good, there is no option, you must leave your coat or you're not allowed to get in. Accepting this inconvenience, the food isn't bad at all and the beer is cheap for the standards of Stockholm. As read in other reviews, the music mix is weird. They can mix metallica with mike oldfield.

Tobias & Karl

11 Dec. 2009, 00:12

Cheep Beer!

The beer only cost 24 kr to 21:00!

Dave Metalface

9 April 2008, 00:04

Pretty crap but cheap

Ok so only in Sweden do they combine rock pubs, restaurants and casinos. Anyway this place is cheap b4 middight and thats the only good thing about it. As usual you pay to get in, the bouncer actually was not gonna let me in cause I was wearing combats...Although it is meant to be a rock pub with no dress code. there was lots of middle class shirt wearing guys, and 1 guy with a motorhead shirt. Anyway the music: So when we walked in the played johnny Cash followed by Dolly Parton, then DRAGONFORCE. The bar woman was not kean on taking requests and put the ramones on all the time which she turned up...