El Camarote

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    Poeta Campos Vasallos, 34 (Ruta de la Madera), Alicante, Spain


    A Metal and Rock pub.

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  • Cristina

    18 July 2009, 00:07

    From a local =D

    This bar is quite good to stay with friends. Music is usually hard-rock mixed with some heavy hits at a reasonable volume, which allows you to chat without shouting too much. There is an aquarium, which gives the name to the bar.


    9 Feb. 2009, 00:02

    The best one!

    The best metal bar of the city. Highly recommended. Sure!

    Benjamin Breeg

    11 Dec. 2007, 00:12

    Nice place

    Nice, big place, to spend an evening chatting, listening to the music and playing darts, and of course, drinking. It usually is a nice place to be with friends, with music at a reasonable volume. Musical selection is usually great, with much 80's and 90's metal and some hard rock. By the way, if you visit Alicante in Summer, you should ask for a jar of Mentira or Mentireta, that's Iced Lemon mixed with Coffe Liquor. Typical from the city, tasty and refreshing. :D


    11 Oct. 2007, 00:10

    News from Camarote

    They have a new Myspace. They are now open at 19H from tuesday to saturday. For more informacion visit Myspace.com/elcamarote, Thanks