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    Metal Bar. They play Metal (Heavy, Death, Speed, Power, Thrash, Hard rock, Pagan, Death, Black...).
    Nice prices.


    Andrés Mellado, 31, Madrid, Madrid, 28003, Spain

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    2 reviews

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  • Loki6Odin6Son6

    25 Aug. 2012, 00:08


    Awesome viking metal bar with great murals of vikings on the walls. Place is cheap and plays sweet viking metal. The owner is rad as well and this place is in argueles so theres plenty o more metal all around it!!! SKOL!!!!


    26 Nov. 2010, 00:11

    Awesome place.

    The best place for metalheads to go out in Madrid. Maybe they could tweak a bit the speakers but overall I recomend it.