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    Calle Parroco Emilio Franco 11 (Metro Nueva Numancia), Madrid (Vallecas), Spain


    Well-known Metal pub where you can also meet members of spanish Power Metal bands.

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  • raven_lenay

    17 July 2011, 00:07

    5/5 Familiar Pub

    It's a familiar pub because everybody here are a little family, thanks above all to his owner, a very nice and friendly guy!! You can find here a lot of spanish rock stars, members from Mago de Oz, Lujuria, Saratoga and many more go here to take a beer. The music is very varied metal, metallica, ac/dc, iron maiden, saratoga, rammstein, mago de oz, system of a down... And if you want to listen a particular song, ask the owner and if he has it, he will put you!! The pub is a bit little and it has two zones, the front zone is the principal, with the bar. And the back zone has darts, table football and armchairs, stools and tables.