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    Calle Manuela Malasa‹a 31 (Metro Bilbao), Madrid, Spain


    A Metal bar and also venue for gigs.

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  • raven_lenay

    17 July 2011, 00:07

    Brontosaurus Milk

    It is a great place to be with friends having a good time listening to music and drinking. There are two zones, one to stand waving hair, and one for sitting. Above all, you can not leave without tasting the milk brontosaurus! It is a cocktail with a lot of different liquors, milk, grenadine sugar and cinnamon ... Delicious!!!


    26 Jan. 2011, 00:01

    A good place for sit-down party

    In this place you can enjoy very big glasses of beer (or whatever you want to drink). The music played is mostly 80ies Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Don't forget to try the "Leche de brontosaurio" (Brontosaurus' milk) if you go there.