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Luis Maroto st. 51, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Santa Catalina), Spain


Nightclub where they play mostly Indie Rock and Metal, they also have some live gigs here. 2 drinks are included in the entry fee, Happy Hour until 02.00 in the morning.

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25 Oct. 2009, 00:10

Muy wapo

Lo visite un jueves con fiesta erasmus, y la musica de lujo, las copas a 2 pavos..... Buen metal.... K mas pedir....( chapa los martes, k yo sepa) i visit the place on a thursday, with an erasmus party's, good metal, better prizes... An obligatory place to see( closed on tuesday)


7 Feb. 2009, 00:02

so so

so so.... advantages: cheap alcohol... the metal events take place rarely(six months over there and nothing worth attention)...some and the same local underground bands plays ocasionaly .... a very shitty thing is that rap and the metal are in the same club..


5 Nov. 2008, 00:11

Paranimfo para me!!

Awesome club! My first night at Paranimfo I saw a killer show! This band, Nod Henoc, opened and had duleing solos between a guitar and an electric violin. Beautiful! The second band rocked out some Pantera and the crowd went ape shit. Cheap, friendly, busy... if you show up before 2am, you recieve three free drinks instead of two. Different rooms in the bar, so even your non-metal (loser) friends can come and hang out in the hip-hop or techno room. Huge bathrooms, nice stage and floor and an accomidating dj. The crowd here really digs their metal. Lots of kids, but they're tough on the island, and cool in the clubs. Request the wildest metal and keep it heavy. This is one of the few places I've found which doesn't put up a fight at requests.