Hijos de Caín

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Hijos de cain, c/Pallars 122, Barcelona, Spain


Spanish rock and metal pub. Wide space with two floors and two billiard tables. Great decoration with tons of posters, total rock attitude! You can also go there for after-hour and eat some sandwiches in the morning.



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24 July 2009, 00:07

it's over

The bar changed name and style.


5 Nov. 2008, 00:11

Not so Heavy

Hard and Heavy has a fantastic layout, cool toys and is in the right area for metal bars (just a bounce in between four or five others) howver, it's name is misleading! I pleaded with the bartender to play me some metal, I even tried to bribe him. Pantera, Testament... even In Flames were way too heavy, and we finally settled on Megadeath. He never played the Megaeath and the bar closed earily. Harden the fuck up, or change to name to Not so Hard and Heavy.