Hell Awaits

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Hell awaits, Carrer De Les Tapies, barcelona


Heavy, thrash and death metal bar with tabletop-soccer and darts in the heart of Barcelona. One the best options to have some beers while listening to really loud music. With Turkish/Arabic decoration and maybe too much light, it is always packed with metalheads, mainly death and thrash metalfreaks.Seems to be difficult to find, so check out the descriptions below.



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13 Sept. 2020, 21:09

Top 3

Perhaps the best metal bar in Spain (with Infiernos in Zaragoza and Dragon Rojo in Granada), IMHO. Spectacular owners who truly care about their customers and about societal issues; super friendly clientele; excellent beer and drinks at great prices; good food. The atmosphere is amazing. Moises (owner, with wife Hiroshima) will play requests and has an enormous collection of music and videos. Highly recommend!


13 Sept. 2020, 21:09


As the title says. These directions may help... Start from Las Ramblas. Head along Carrer Nou De La Rambla, towards Avinguda Del Paral.lel. Once you get to Paral.lel, take a sharp right U-turn, down Carrer De Les Tapies. It's a one-way, pedestrian street. Hell Awaits is about 50m on the right. Nice decor and atmosphere, cheap beer and great, loud death / thrash music. Have a phrasebook handy because the locals didn't speak a word of English on our visit. The surrounding area isn't that nice, either, and it's a bit out of the way, but it's definitely worth a visit.

Lee Riley

13 Sept. 2020, 21:09

Tankard gig

Went here with the good lady after Tankard. The music was great and the beer was very reasonable, cannot remeber exactly maybe 2 euros a bottle. Nice friendly bar staff and a cracking night.


13 Sept. 2020, 21:09

Thanks for the directions!

I quested for weeks, looking for Hell Awaits. Usually, I'd end up at some different bars and abandon my mission. Finially I stopped this gorgeous, amazing man and we figured it out from the directions above. Fucking awesome bar! The street is more of an alley behind the park... if they had better hours, it would be my favorite bar in Barcelona.


13 Sept. 2020, 21:09


The directions BELOW helped.


13 Sept. 2020, 21:09

i know where is

hi, i'm from BArcelona and the street is called TAPIES is very small street, is side by side a park full of people hig on glue, but is ok, no problems with them. hope you find the bar!!!! see you there


13 Sept. 2020, 21:09

Cool place 2010

Really cool place, not far from la rambla. I was there in the week (thursday night), didn't hear any extreme metal, but Megadeth, Anthrax, Primal Fear, Pantera, and so on. So something for everyone. I asked for some Iron Maiden and they immediately played some on Tv screen. Beer = 1,50 euro (2010) and nice people behind the bar. Also nice place to sit. greetings from Belgium.

Metal D

13 Sept. 2020, 21:09

good little pub

We had a great night here, cheap drinks, good food. Friendly staff however, they dont speak a lot of english. but easy enough to get understood, the barmaid gave us a free shot of JAGER each WIN!!! and the local kids (mostly under 20) were friendly. This is a straight up Thrash bar, so expect lots of Denim, patches, 80's metal. Worth a look, it is in the seedy part of downtown BARCA, however we had no problems whatsoever, that being said when we arrived the Staff were chasing off some kids who had been throwing rocks at the metal heads, but we didnt experience any dramas what so ever, rocked out, got fed and got boozed. HORNS UP!!!