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crusader, Pere IV 75, Barcelona, catluna, Spain


80's US Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal and N.W.O.B.H.M bar. Cheap prices. Small but comfortable, with really nice people. It also opens on Fridays and Saturdays as after hour from 6.00 AM till your body wants to stop the party. They also make sandwiches and there is a table football. Happy hour (2x1 beer) from 20.00 till 22.00.

Crusader people are just a Metal family!

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16 Sept. 2011, 00:09

Cosy and friendly

It's a dark, tiny little bar with character, and wasn't open at 8pm on a Saturday when we were there.. more like 10pm. The barman was friendly and music was largely 80s NWOBHM, which isn't really my cup of tea, so we only stayed for one drink.


30 Aug. 2011, 00:08

You feel at home

Definitely worth the visit! Previous night was at the place next to razzmatazz cause everything else was closed and met the owner.. real nice guy and the place really reflects that. It doesnt look like much but the decor is just right.. plain chairs, a good bar, a small place and the wall covered with ticket stubs and the likes.. Metal-people are indeed the nicest people around and you will feel at home here if youre into hard-rock and hair-metal. Im into melodeath, metalcore and such and I had a blast! :)


4 April 2011, 00:04

Nice heavy pub

A pure heavy metal pub with nice people and no expensive beer. It's located right next to another heavy pub. But if you're looking for some hard stuff this is not the exact place for it.

Brooke & Jeff

16 Sept. 2009, 00:09

So Bad it's good!!!

Bring on Hair metal!!! These guys make sure you have a good time. They go out of their way to try & speak english, they play whatever you ask them to! It was like being in someone's lounge room at a party!!


15 July 2009, 00:07


we`ve been there on a Thursday in July and it was closed!


13 July 2009, 00:07

Opening hours more like 22:00 !!

Was staying near here and the other bars nearby (BB+ and Coyote)... wandered past about 9pm on a Friday night and everything in the street was closed! Went to a nearby restaurant who said the rock bars don't open until midnight! Luckily Crusader was open by 10pm tho! Ace music and the owner was cool. Not sure about the toilets with no lights tho!!


15 Feb. 2008, 00:02

Just metal

just one of the best metal bars of the city!!!!