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bb+, Carrer Pere IV 65, Barcelona, 08018, Spain


A Heavy Metal bar, very cheap drinks, very heavy music!

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16 Sept. 2011, 00:09

Lovely sangria!

This is a big, spacious and fairly bright lit hall with very quiet music and lots of chatter. Seemed to open around 11ish.. full of locals playing a board game involving a bucket of booze and shots - looks fun to play if you speak good enough Spanish! The sangria really was excellent and good value, around 8 Euros for 1 litre.


6 Jan. 2011, 00:01

the true 80's

They've played a lot of 80's stuff like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest the old Metallica and so on... the one who likes it... The beer has been cheap and the bar keeper (the one which was able to speak English) has been very friendly. The sound system wasn't able to work on that hight level as the DJ wanted it to do... It was so bright in that bar that you've no problem to analyze everything you want. Cheers


20 June 2008, 00:06

big & nice place

This is a very big metal bar with a lot of tables to drink with friends, good prices for drinks, try their sangria hehehe. Sometimes metal videos on the screens. So hot in summer........


8 Aug. 2007, 00:08


Il posto è molto grande e il volume della musica è decisamente alto (buono!!) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id; di buon auspicio l'enorme S dei Sepultura dipinta sulla parete! Si mangia anche (non molte cose) simpatica la mamma del proprietario che serve al banco!


14 June 2007, 00:06

It's good, but it just ain't right

Visited this place last week. They had different kinds of music playing during the night. Maybe a bit too much death/black for my taste. Volume was really loud. The nice thing was, that there were other similar Hard rock/heavy/metal bars close to this one.