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    384 Pretorius Str., Pretoria, South Africa


    Club where they have Metal, Rock, Alternative and similar club nights as well as live gigs

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  • Pestilentia

    4 May 2012, 00:05


    The original Zeplins was the best, sadly it is no longer there. Zeplins Rock Shack in centurion has been the best of the Rock Shakes since then, still doesnt come close to the old Zeplins though!


    30 Nov. 2010, 00:11


    Hey All, While Zeps was freaking awesome while it was still alive, it is in fact no more and is instead in the form of two Rock Shacks, one in Pretoria East and one in Centurion. They don't have the same vibe as Zeps motherclub yet cos they are both more sorta bar type places. But hopefully there will be a new Zeps superclub up and running soon soon!!


    11 Jan. 2008, 00:01

    Good Fun

    One of the best clubs i've been to in years. With all the different floors there something for everyone.