Randal club

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Karpatska 2, Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia


The most popular underground pub in Bratislava.

Concerts (metal, rock, punk) are here during whole week. Many famous bands played here (Turisas, Norther, Nile, Propain, Vader...).

Good beer and foo - try their delicious pizza and our national alcohol ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;)!

Situated close to the main train station.

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20 July 2011, 00:07

Nice rock pub with excellent pizza!

I visited Randal Club in Bratislava last thursday (July 14. 2011). I was going to stay at the Mercure Hotel which is really close to Randal Club - and the trainstation Hlavná Stanica if you arrive by train. Me and my buddies walked easily down to the club and found our way into the bar. It's a big sign showing Randal Club - Live & Wild Rock 'n' Roll Music Club, but I got the impression that it was some other bars in the same house so I asked a waitress where to enter. The concert arena was empty though, but maybe not as unusual around 6 p.m. on a thursday? We got in talk with the bartender which was a very cool guy. Very friendly and cool guy! We had to try their famous pizza and ordered 4 of the pizza the bartender recommended. It took a while to make it, I don't know if the bartender did it all by himself or if he got help, but when we finally got our food after maybe 45-50 minutes or so it tasted so fucking delicious that it was well worth the waiting. Totally kick ass pizza and definitely the best pizza I have ever eaten in this type of pub. Later on we went back to our hotel, drank a bit for ourself and then went back to drink more sometime after midnight. The pub was much more crowded than earlier and it seemed to be a nice atmosphere. The bartender was still as friendly as he was earlier. We ordered some drinks, gave some tips and sat us around a table. It took maximum 4 minutes before some Slovakian guys wanted us to join their table and drink with them. The guys were quite alright to hang out with except for one of them wanted us to give HIM our tips instead of the bartender because we were from Norway and he was from Slovakia. Fuck no! The bartender are the one who deserves the tips for his service, not a Slovakian guy because he drinks with us, wtf. Anyway, the rest of the night were a good night. We ordered some national shots or something (don't remember the name), and served a round to the guys.. One of em puked right on the floor beside of the table. Haha! And he commented It's alright. I've done it before!. Hahaha! So in Randal I guess it's allowed to puke on the floor. :D Hehehe. But we were there on a thursday night and were happy with the crowd, so I guess if you're going there in the weekends it will be pretty much full. Very popular pub I guess. I recommend this place to all people that want to visit a nice brown pub when they arrive Slovakia! ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;) Cheers!


16 Aug. 2010, 00:08

Nice Club with Dancefloor, nice Pub and Beergarten!!!

We visited that place on 1 Aug 2010 and we had a nice stay in the pub area where they played different metal songs, not classic heavy metal, a bit more brutal....the dance area was not opened, it is opened on Fr and Sa i guess. Nice Staff, cool panitngs inside the club and a lot of metal people and students there!!!