Goat Metal Bar

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    Arbat Street, 119019, Moscow, Russia


    First off - this is NOT an easy place to find using google. It send you thru a security manned road which basically is a no no. So if you look for the street that Mu Mu (my my) is on, a pedestrian thorofare, its behind there.
    Theres a walk thru to the left as youre looking at mu mu, go thru there, turn right and its downstairs with a hookah bar.
    Right, so once youve found it, its a pretty small place. And i gotta be honest, very metal. Basic, only serves beers, very metal sounds, and a hard core group of mainly locals. Its relaxed but if Metal Noir and the like isnt your thing, neither is this place
    Oh - and they do make an excellent house burger

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