Transmission (ex Club Disorder)

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Rua de S‹o Paulo, 27, Lisboa, Portugal


Gothic bar / club which has Metal nights too, check their website for dates. Actually the Metal nights seem to be pretty hard, means really aggressive Metal and Punk (at least thats what someone who had been there told us). Its an amazing location with stone arches from many centuries passed and stuff.


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21 July 2012, 00:07

4/5 Could be nice

Been there on a Thursday night during the summer. The place is hard to find with a very confidential entrance (which is quite nice actually). The music was perfect to me: different styles of metal from Cannibal Corpse to Finntroll. :) Clearly too loud as stated by others (I wanted to talk to the bartender but I gave up...). I guess the time was bad but the place was almost empty (2 guys in the back and that's it). In short, nice potential but didn't make my night!


24 Jan. 2012, 00:01

4/5 Sangue de Cristo

Very nice place! Saturdays are the best nights: Dj plays a wide variety of metal genres (Black, Death, Thrash, Nu...) and industrial (sometimes way too much...). Lots of metalheads and also goths, cheap beer and a nice place that reminds an old cellar. A must: "sangue de cristo" shot (christ's blood)...


7 June 2009, 00:06

Seems to be no more

Went there on Sat 6th June 2009. Had the transmission sign over the door (so I was in the right place) but at 11.45pm it was closed up completely.


24 Feb. 2009, 00:02

Good for the spirit, bad for your ears

Went there on a heavy metal classic night, saw a good band and then a good DJ played some generalist mainstream metal. The weird thing is that when the bands played the volume level was absolutely decent. But during the mix, they pumped the fuck up till my ears exploded. I think even Lemmy would hardly bear such noise and I doubt it is legal to play music so loud, seriously. If you plan to go there don't forget your earplugs friends.