Tower Pub

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ul. Grodzka 4, Kraków, Poland


Friendly Metal pub with a great atmosphere in a cellar. Has a jukebox and often plays Power and Classic Metal.Dance hall opened at weekends. In the Old Town.

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3 Dec. 2012, 00:12

4/5 November 2012

Located in the center town, it has a familiar ambience and good medieval decoration. They played mostly classic heavy metal mixed with some modern/nu metal here and then. The beer is a little more expensive than in other bars but the place and the decoration worths the tip, mostly if you're starting the night.


4 Sept. 2012, 00:09

2/5 Not really a Metal Place...more of a kinder-rock pub

To be fair, my buddy and I are over 30 years old, so the kiddies don't really do it for us anymore. That being said, the music here was definitely NOT metal...we heard more old swing music and crappy Brian Setzer than any metal. The bar itself is cool, however. The old guy working the taps is an awesome figurehead and spoke great English. The problem was that there was no metal. Just a bunch of teenage kids drinking and smoking. No jukebox. There is a dart board, however. Meh.


12 Feb. 2011, 00:02

4/5 Tower

Good bar with good music on a great location.


10 Aug. 2010, 00:08

4/5 Metal Pub in the foundations of Krakow!

cool place, loads of rooms, nooks & crannies. in an arched and ancient basement under the city. cool older bloke behind the bar, cheap good beer, and friendly locals even bought us shots to welcome s to krakow :o) look carefully for the small sign and the street number to find it great place, similar to hells bells in prague


20 Oct. 2008, 00:10


I had the best 3 months of my life in that pub!! miss it so much! amazing people...good beer...and stays open till the morning!!


2 Sept. 2008, 00:09

great atmosphere even in the morning

Just in the middle of the tourist attractions but hard to find the place! So, that is cool, only we know the place:) Great atmosphere, friendly staff, even they do not know english...