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Ul.Slawkowska, 12, Krakow, Poland


Big dark rock, hard rock and metal venue (everything from Nirvana to Accept or from The Ramones to Motörhead) with a dance floor and lots of tables where you can hang around the whole night with friends or just have fun by meeting new people. Conveniently located in the old town of Krakow, on weekends it is really packed. Reasonable prices, too.





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Daily from 20:00 until late

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Old town

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3 Dec. 2012, 00:12

4/5 November 2012

It has a bar on the top (playing normal alternative music) and a disco on the cave, with dark ambience, cheep drinks and lots of people. Open on sundays and mondays since 20:00 hours, with lots of women... But the dj's were bizarre because they can pass from Led Zepplin to techo dance, or from Rammstein to Pixies. It's not a metal club per se, because the music is very (maybe too much) variated. But it is still the best underground disco in town.


15 April 2008, 00:04

Jazz Rock Review

Enetring the Jazz Rock at around 11 PM, after paying an entry fee of just over £1 and hearing the Sisters of Mercy playing to gothic and metal shirt clad drinkers, I was expecting a regular metal\industrial\goth evening, a kin to a night at the Devonshire arms or numerous other London metal nights. The layout of the club is well thought out as you don't have to walk past, or through the dance floor to get to the bar, however queuing for the toilet is not that enjoyable as the queue was longer than that for the bar, having only one facility in the club (a common Polish theme at drinking establishments). The bar prices are very reasonable, 6 PLN (About £1.40) and the staff friendly, a good night was had. The lighting rig is pretty impressive too. As the night wore on the Music became a bit er, jumbled, with Iron Maiden and Megadeth segueing into the Doors and then even more bizzarley Bob Marley!! This then changed into Alice In Chains and then to early Soundgarden and as the night was wearing on and the crwod starting thinning out I can only presume that the DJ was accomodating requests at that time for the hardened few! An enjoyable evening and a place I shall be visiting again on my next visit to Krakow