Inside Rock Café

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Vaskerelvsmuget 7, Bergen (city center), Norway, 5014


A Rock / Metal bar and venue which has excellent music, OK beer prices and cool pictures on the walls. Located in Club Inside.


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1 March 2011, 00:03

2/5 No longer a metal bar

This place is no longer a metal bar. It´s just a rock pub.


17 Dec. 2009, 00:12


The music: It has allways been a rock place. So the music varies from hard rock/metal, rock'n'roll, punk, rawk, snd so on... But most of it is hard rock/metal. Should be something for every rocker. Bergen has no "metal bars" but a couple of rock bars. Inside is probably the most metal place in town. The burgers are a menu wich includes fries, salad and dip. The price is around 25 dollars for a medium. And it seems like they're the best in town as far as I've tasted.


24 April 2009, 00:04

The poster

I only passed to ask if I could see some concerts in there, in vain. But just for the signed Immortal's "At the Heart of Winter" poster, it rocks.

Renatus Cartesius

5 Jan. 2009, 00:01

Very Great Place!!

We were there three times during our one week visit in Bergen and it was very great there! The beer prices are ok for norway, about 49 NOK per beer for 0.4 Ringes. We also met alot of very nice and open minded people there. There was only one problem... The music was to soft. They should play more metal there!!!


3 Nov. 2008, 00:11

Not what I hoped for

Apparently they used to play just black and death metal. All I heard was nu metal and misfits. Cool place though. The burgers are supposed to be amazing, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $30 for a hamburger.


25 March 2008, 00:03

The most metal place in Bergen!

Unlike Garage, which used to be pure rock 'n' roll, Inside sticks to its guns - as Per mentioned. Most genres within rock are played, with an emphasis on metal. Each DJ has his\her own personal touch! We serve food - best burgers in town, hell, the best in the whole goddamn country if you ask me! And if you're man (or woman) enough, you might succeed in taking on the Suicide Solution - the 1 kg burger (2.2 lbs of meat) from hell! The current beer prices (0,5 L Ringnes) are: All days, 14-21: 43 kr All days, 21-03: 53 kr Mondays, 21-01: 29 kr We've also got a concert scene (second floor) called Hinsides, where something called rock music is played.. ;)

Per Kjelby

9 Oct. 2006, 00:10

Snaggletooth not Lemmy

The picture mentioned is not Lemmy, but an airbrush painting of "Snaggletooth". And it should be of everyones interest to know that this is the only bar in Bergen that has metal, and metal only as the music played in the bar. There are several good bars in Bergen that have a big attendance from the local rock scene, but this is the only place that stays within the genre at all times. So for the ones that wants to listen to good music this is the only choice in town.