The Cave

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Prinsengracht 472, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 1017 KG, Netherlands


Nice small Metal pub with live music every Friday. It calls itself The loudest Rock Club in Amsterdam.Open every day from 20.00 til 03.00 or 04.00.

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15 Aug. 2012, 00:08

This is your local laid back metal pub. Highly recommended!

I want one of these in my home town. What a great pub. Small and cozy! Nice atmosphere, friendly staff and a DJ who plays a good variety of metal and doesn't mind requests. It was so hard to leave this place :D


26 Nov. 2011, 00:11

seen live local bands

this place was literally round the corner from the hostel. Small, dirty and a dive, the way you expect and love these places to be. Not a huge place but has a good atmosphere when people are packed in and the metal is playing. Bands weren't awesome but sure. One of the few places like this we could find in Amsterdam.

Billy the Kid

12 Nov. 2010, 00:11

This place rocks!

Best place to be in Amsterdam. All kinds of metal on request.


25 Aug. 2010, 00:08

Great place!

Decent prices, awesome staff, met lots of cool people there too. Stayed till they shut down, around 3 am, I believe!

The Navajo.

13 Aug. 2008, 00:08

Time Travelling Blues.

Had a great time here. The party was laid on just for me, the women were beautiful, the band played instruments made of body parts just like in From Dusk Til Dawn and man, they were loud. Great things mushrooms. Until 6 hours later when you wake up in a police cell having made a bit of a tit of yourself. Hope I'm not barred would like to go back soon to beg forgiveness.


18 May 2008, 00:05


had so much fun there with great music n great drinks - check it out!


30 March 2008, 00:03


Great metal selection! Great atmosphere. Very non-commercial and non-touristy. Perfect for metalheads. Spent about 5 hours there in September 2007. Can't wait to go back. Bartender takes musical requests too.


13 March 2008, 00:03

\m/ Rock and Fu**ing Roll

This is like a second home for me I visit Amsterdam 4 times a year and if you like to mosh, drink and smoke to your hearts content this is the place to come. Great music, live bands and HEINEKEN f**k yeah!!

Jochen S.O.D (GERMANY)

3 Jan. 2008, 00:01

The best Metal Pub in Town \m/

If you like old School Rock and Metal you have to visit this Pub. We have visited 5 Rock and Metal Pubs in Amsterdam, but no one is better than “The Cave”. The play the best Metal in Amsterdam : Death, Pestilence, Pantera, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura, AC/DC, Maiden etc- From Rock to Heavy to Speed to Thrash to Death Metal. Old School as it’s best. It’s also a nice Location with a cool Bar Tender and a DJ who know what real Metal is. You can drink Beer and if you have some Dope with you, you can smoke there. If you are a Metal Fan – and if you are in Amsterdam it’s a MUST to visit this Pub (Tram Line 2 – Exit at Station Prinsengracht)

Savage Damage

7 Sept. 2007, 00:09


This place is by far the best metal bar I've ever been too! Mostly classic metal cranked up loud. One of the few times I heard something from the 90s, Pantera's 'Walk' the place went crazy and the entire crowd was headbanging at the bar! Friendly bartender that looked like a young Lars Ulrich bought me a few Heineken's when I could name the band in a fun name-the-tune game we were playing. Don't bother showing up before 11pm. Amsterdam is a city that goes off late! Prime drinking hours are maybe 12:30-3:00. Go have a smoke for me at the Gray Area too... ;)