Café Excalibur

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    Oudezijds Achterburgwal 48, Amsterdam (red light district), Red Light District, 1012 DP, Netherlands


    Nice Hardrock and Heavy Metal pub /coffeeshop owned by the Hells Angels and located in the middle of the Red Light district, next to Casa Rosso.

    The place is filled with armor and upstairs there's a pool table.

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  • ragnarock_belfast

    26 Nov. 2011, 00:11

    great central bar

    Great place for drinks. the drumming bar man was the best character ever. Played a mix of good and bad metal and rock tunes (depends what you like I guess). Says its non-smoking but the ash trays on the table imply differently. Has brilliant decor; bikes, suits of armour etc. Its central to a lot of places in amsterdam. nice slow crowd durring the day and a good steady buzz of people at night. My type of bar.


    30 June 2010, 00:06

    Worth a visit! :)

    i went there last week, i read about it on here, but found it by chance! we went in and it was a pretty chilled atmosphere. suits of amour all over the place, the cheapest drink we found was heineken at 2 euros a glass, Jager i think was about 3 euros a shot. upstairs is pretty kool, there pool tables and the ceiling painting is awesome. The only down side is that girls need a Key to use the toilet, which you get from behind the bar, i can imagine thats a pain when its busy. apart from that,,, deffinatly worth a visit, hoipefully i'll be able to stay there longer next time. :D

    kenneth herland

    8 Jan. 2010, 00:01


    gojira , meshuggah , opeth and enslaved just love it


    17 Feb. 2009, 00:02

    Good night out

    The location of this pub is great as it is right in the red light district and the street is buzzing with activity until late at night. There was a good mix of music, ranging from heavy to more mellow and the atmosphere is rocking.

    Andrew Satera

    18 Sept. 2008, 00:09


    Cafe Excaliber is in the middle of the red light district, and the staff is a bit rude in accordance with the rest of Amsterdamians.


    8 Aug. 2008, 00:08




    15 Aug. 2007, 00:08


    The place looks cool with all the faux middle age armor and a nice old Indian motorcycle in it, but despite being a 'brown' bar (ie decorated with lots of wood, as good Dutch bars are), it's quite brightly lit. Has a couple of TV screens running all the time (showing some artsy movie when I was there). The music was only so-so. Varying from hard rock to nu metal. The bartender/deejay played what we asked for though, which was cool, but left on his own he was a bit uninspired. Big nono: it closed at one. That's right: one o'clock. Booh. Fun for tourists (if you're into that sort of thing): it's smack in the middle of the red light district. Which unfortunately has the effect of attracting all sorts of folk to the bar, not a homely metal crowd. Overall: it's a metal bar, that's always good. If I lived in Amsterdam I'd probably go there more often, but I've had better.