Blitzkrieg Bunker Bar

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Kalie Roods street, Windhoek, Namibia


Blitzkrieg Bunker Bar is Namibia's only Rock and Metal bar it has regular live events such as Windhoek Metal Festival as well as regular bands. They also have two pool tables, a huge bar, a headbangers ring all surrounded by metal posters, flags and millitary souvineers and their own radio show!!

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26 Oct. 2009, 00:10


They've made some mistakes in the past, but they're finally finding their feet. Regular live bands (including international acts like Wrust (Botswana), Juggernaught (ZA), Lady Axe (ZA) are making more and more appearances, and all hold the venue in high regards. Anything rock and metal goes musically. As stated before, they do play requests. Awesome place, and really the only place to go if you dislike rap and rave.


20 March 2009, 00:03


i'm a regular there and can state that the first two reviews on this page don't apply, or at least not any more. the new blitz is bigger, very popular and has an incredible friendly vibe. the music is flexible - requests are played if you ask, but it's always metal - everything from old school to deathcore. gigs are well supported, and even quiet nights are random and fun. go there. you will make new friends.


7 Oct. 2008, 00:10


Blitz has moved to Nothern Industrial, Kalie Roods str! Its got a stage with regular bands performing, two pool tabels, huge bar and a NEW radio show, The Blitzkrieg Metal Hour on Fridays. Now what other bar can say THAT? Blitz brutz with best of em'


16 Sept. 2007, 00:09


I've been to metal bars around the world and this one had to be one of the worse. reason for this is plain simple Rapcore, Heavy Metal Rave and other Gay trinkety Music does not make a Metal bar. They do not play Death Black Brutal Grind Gore Or anything louder than micheal jackson. We were still walking there when the owner tries to swap on a bubble machine and the contents splured over this guys seemingly expensive leather jacket by the time we got there they had already removed the pool table and replced it with a dance floor???????????????????????????????? why? best of all is i wrote this elite hacker local cell on the wall as they write cell numbers to prank call. i here this will be good.


3 May 2007, 00:05

Don't point that at me!

the other day I Walked around naked in blitzkrieg and no-one seemed to notice. They didn't even drink half the booze I did. and by the way, if your caught with weed in Namibia, your locked up for 20 years. at least we are still allowed to have internet in prison. only 10 years to go!!!...


2 Sept. 2006, 00:09

best Bar In Namibia

I work at this bar and it is the best place to go to in Namibia. We have something for everybody and we have recently started having live bands. so everyone that is up for a good time is welcome to join.