Rock Bar Mother

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    rock bar mother, tokyo


    Small rock bar located in Shinjuku. It is a very small and VERY LOUD venue. It can hold maybe 15 people tops, which is standard for for many of the small basement bars in the Kabuki-cho area of Shinjuku. It has a large assortment of cd's to listen to, similar to Godz, but more intimate and far louder. Bilingual staff.

    If you have trouble finding it ask any of the hundreds of Nigerian hustlers on the streets, they'll usually point the way for you.



    +81 (0)3 5285 2936

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  • the69er

    29 Jan. 2012, 00:01

    one tiny mother of a club

    Apart from its smallness this in no way should stop you from dropping in for a few hours of heavy music / drinking when hitting tokyo. this bar is one of cornerstones of metal in tokyo and for that reason alone it should not be missed. unless of course you cant find it.