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godz, tokyo


If you love music, especially Metal, you gonna love this place. You can request your favourite songs over thousands of CD collection, drink your favourite booze and bang your head. Be surprised about the sound from two brutally big speakers!



Opening hours

19:00 - 05:00

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1-10-5 kabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku

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28 Feb. 2012, 00:02

Loud and heavy!

This is the best purely metal bar in town I thought. The bar staff were always friendly and great to talk to, spoke good English. Prices were a little bit more expensive than some other places, for example a JD+coke was 900JPY, most other places I found it was 600 - 700. Beer may have been cheaper. But, if you want a good metal time, this is pretty much the place to be. Huge collection of records, and also a video screen where the occasional video was played if it was linked to whatever was on the playlist. Also ,not as small as some other metal bars that are usually tucked away on upper floors across Japan, but it wasnt really packed during the week.

Metal Engineer

21 Feb. 2012, 00:02

Just what I was looking for!

I was in town for a couple of nights and simply wanted to hang out, listen to some great metal, and drink...I got what I wanted! Hide (Hee-day), one of the owners, was playing just about everything band we talked about (and he knows his metal!)! Big screen for his vids, and good sound system! I would recommend to anyone looking to do the same while in Tokyo. Follow the directions on the website, not too far from the JR train station. Stay Metal!


29 Jan. 2012, 00:01

God Like!

another cornerstone metal bar but lets not be complacent here, its a great little place to get your heavy metal drink on!!!! do it!


7 Jan. 2012, 00:01

Definitely check Godz out!

One of the best heavy metal drinking holes I have ever been to. Booze is reasonably priced (for Tokyo anyway!) and there is no cover charge to get in as others have mentioned. The owners speak surprisingly solid English and most of the punters are really friendly if you make a little effort. Weekends are the best days to go. The best part is without a doubt the large collection of cds and dvds, far better than 90% of metal pubs/bars I have been to. The options completely range from glam and power to black and death, with maybe only a slight bias towards more modern stuff. The place is a little small but the speakers pack a good punch and the barstaff are more than happy to take any requests and turn the volume up! No reason not to go if you're in Tokyo!


11 Aug. 2011, 00:08

small but nice

nice staff, they try to fulfill all your wishes. but it's really, really small and on weekdays there isn't much going on.


13 July 2010, 00:07

Mr jo

a great place but small in volume but they play everything on cd and dvd. metal hard rock dead what ever you whant.


27 Oct. 2009, 00:10

Best metal place

If you look for metal music, Godz is THE place to go to. Pure heavy & brutal metal. 2 huge speakers, a big screen and very, very, very loud music. The waiters are cool English-speaking guys, the waitress is the nicest (in every way), the booze is cheap. Open 19 - 5 everyday. The place can be empty at some time during weekday nights...

Dave Craig

26 May 2007, 00:05

Godz - A great metal bar in the heart of Kabuki-cho

I always make it a point to visit Godz whenever I'm in Tokyo. There's no door charge (rare for Tokyo bars) and the drinks are reasonably priced (550 yen or so for a draft beer). And the music selection is great -- generally chosen by the patrons from a list of several hundred classic & current metal CDs (some rare ones in their catalog, too). The staff has always been cool. Go to GODZ and bang your head, Tokyo-style!


27 March 2007, 00:03


i must say, that Godz is definetly one of best bars i ever been...