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    Be it Metal or Rock, this nightclub puts up shows that are smashing to say the least. Its rebellious image notwithstanding, this nightclub is a huge crowd puller and spells spunky all the way. Fantastic music and unlimited supply of drinks at reasonable price.



    +81 (0)3 3350 3670

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    4-3-15 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku


    Reiflat Shinjuku B1, Tokyo, Japan

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    No upcoming events scheduled.

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  • will

    17 Feb. 2019, 23:02


    not a bad place. a common thing in japan is for shows to be overpriced and that usually includes the purchase of one drink. i went to 3 shows on my trip and each one did the same thing, but it's all good cus the drink flows like mud over there.