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Via Luigi Santini 12/13, Roma (Trastevere), Italy


A Heavy Metal club which plays all kinds of Metal, Gothic and Medieval stuff. Program is depending on the weekday, so check their website for details. No live shows. Open daily, but closed on Monday.

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17 Aug. 2011, 00:08

Best Metal Place in Rome

This is actually the best metal place in Rome, great beer, great staff, great music. The only place in town where you can listen the best music with great people. Highly recommended! My best ranking for the Full Moon Club!


16 Aug. 2011, 00:08

Full Moon Rules

Definitely the best metal place in Rome. Great beer, great music, great people. What can I say else? By best ratings, Full Moon rules!


13 April 2011, 00:04


Great pagan atmosphere, great staff,nice local people, awesome booze (absynth wine and cannabis beer served in liter glasses)and the most important in a metal pub:great music with special requests played when available. We had a splendid time there and visited the club 3 nights. Salute


11 Aug. 2008, 00:08

Sunday specials = 1L beer for 6 euro!

Fantastic Metal Pub with great metal decor (the werewolf in the wall is particularly impressive) and music! We went there on a Sunday night and got 1L beer steins all night for 6 euro - cheapest we found at any metal bar we visited ANYWHERE! Local metal guys running the pub were extremely friendly and helpful when it came to catching the nightbus all the way back to our hotel near the central station!


7 Dec. 2007, 00:12


Last saturday I was in Rome in a particular and fabolous pub, where I drunk a good beer and I listened to a very good metal...I suggest going to this pub...Kenavo!From Breizh

Flavia Wolfrider

27 Nov. 2007, 00:11


Thanx for writing reviews and... Honi soit qui mal y pense... Live Long and Prosper Flavia Wolfrider


25 Nov. 2007, 00:11

its ok!

hey Flavia, of course we don't have anything against you. I just was wondering why we have got already 27 reviews for the Full Moon Club and for all other clubs not more than 5. Most clubs don't havy ANY reviews at all actually. So I just was _suspecting_ that you are _encouraging_ the people to write reviews. Which is nothing bad, I was just noticing it. I do know that you don't have written all the reviews by yourselves, btw ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;) Anyway the main thing I wanted to say is that people should please write their reviews in English and not in Italian or German - just because we and our visitors would like to understand them. OK? Peace! ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;)


25 Nov. 2007, 00:11


Hi, if you have suspect you should have written it to me personally first of all and you must support your suspect with evidence! If there are many post here maybe a lot of people come and visit my Club and Metal Travel Guide site. Please don't insult me! If you have something against us tell it! Ah, you can track the pc IP and the places from where the post were submitted... I can suspect that you have something to hide posting this... Regards. Flavia Wolfrider


25 Nov. 2007, 00:11


<span class=textrot>Hey guys, its nice that you are writing those tons of reviews about this club. I don't know why we get SO many reviews here - I kinda suspect that the Full Moon staff is pushing it - but anyway, PLEASE KEEP YOUR REVIEWS IN ENGLISH so that we all can understand them. Thanks! :)</span>


24 Nov. 2007, 00:11


Ottimo locale, siete forti raga! Alla prossima! Giova - Milano