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    Piazza Anita Garibaldi 13, Milano (Baggio), Italy


    Big nightclub whith live shows and two dancefloors. Many metalheads from Milano go here on Friday and Saturday. Friday its Gothic, EBM, Industrial, Dark Wave and Saturday its Metal.

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  • Hellsinkivampire

    20 July 2012, 00:07


    Zoe club is not like it use to be...some years ago it was cool but now check always the website before going there!


    13 Feb. 2009, 00:02

    Zoe Review

    Great place, but the metal night on saturday is mainly nu-metal and glam (but a good number of metal classics are played). Anyway is always crowded. Friday is darkwave on main floor and electro-EBM on smokers' floor. Keep in mind that in august is closed, as for all the other activities on Milan.


    1 Aug. 2007, 00:08


    The Zoe have in the summer apparantly no metal nights. We went there on a saturday and it was closed. More metaldudes were waiting for nothing.