Rock'n'Roll (ex Inkubo Kafé, ex Transilvania Café)

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Via Bruschetti 11 / Via Zuretti, Milano, 20125, Italy


A Metal pub which has different Rock and Metal nights and also live bands. Decorated with Kerrangs/HardRock/MetalHammer wallpaper. Good music and a great space downstairs for gigs and hanging out.

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27 Sept. 2008, 00:09

Nuovo nome

...ora si chiama Rock and Roll, mi pare.


15 Feb. 2008, 00:02

Diner for the kerrang generation

This place is now called Rock'N'Roll. Things must have changed since previous reviewers - decor is now Kerrangs/HardRock/MetalHammer wallpaper! Male staff friendly, females seemed snooty biatches tho. Good music and a great space downstairs for gigs and hanging out. Enjoyed the place very much.

Benjamin Breeg

11 Dec. 2007, 00:12

Worth a quick visit

Some waiter told us that music depends heavily on which DJ is working each night. We had some industrial and goth which we were not really into it. You can try and check, because anyway it's worth a quick visit. Decoration is quite attractive (loved the coffin-tables), and you should have an 'Amen' cocktail (but be aware of the flame on it, if you have long hair!!) Curious place, but we didn't find our atmosphere.


18 March 2007, 00:03


cruel music from random jukebox with queen after slipknot… expensive and no atmosphere, unfriendly waiters

Son of Odin

11 March 2007, 00:03


Closed on mondays and thuesdays. From 20:00h rest of the week. What I read about this place in the other review (prices, staff)... this goes for the rest of Milan too.


2 Aug. 2006, 00:08

Astonishing location

I love and hate this pub at the same time. Let's start with the positive aspects: - The location is beautiful! It's developed on 2 stages...the upper part can be defined normal, with music at a hearable volume, just few skeletons here and there (most of them inside the tables!), but the best is the inferior stage, completely surrounded by darkness, red lights, web spiders and then tombs, skulls... - Cocktails and food are really ok! And they serve cocktails in a pretty way (they usually decorate them with some fruits) Now the bad aspects: - Music could be much depends on who is listening... - You can stay only if you drink/eat something...moreover the first drink costs AT LEAST 5 euro (I mean, if you take something that costs 7 euro, you'll pay 7 euro...but if you take something which instead costs 3, you'll pay 5 as well)...this sucks! - Waiter/ress could be gentler! ^^