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7 Harry Street (just off Grafton Street), Dublin 2, Ireland


3 different style bars in one. A great Rock/Metal bar on the left side downstairs. It's a great spot to hang out and drink a few beers, as Bruxelles has always catered for serious music fans. It also has live music on Sundays through to Wednesdays. Friday/ Saturday nights playing a mixture of everything from Classic Rock, Thrash, Speed, Doom, Death, Black, Epic and Heavy Metal.
There is also a great Metal juke box Sunday to Thursday.

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26 April 2012, 00:04

Calling BS!

Visited this place. Nothing even remotely resembling a metal bar here. Posh pub serving mussels in white wine upstairs and sports bar with posh kids downstairs.

Larry David

27 Feb. 2012, 00:02

Avoid like the Plague

Once the best Rock Bar in Dublin, things went awry in the late 90s early 00s when the bar was needlessly altered, bad musical trends were entertained and obnoxious Doormen forgot who paid their wages. After successfully repelling their loyal clientele, word spread a few years ago of another transformation and new management: The bar now resembles the inside of a pinball machine & expensive piss is swapped for up to 7 euros by apathetic and rude staff : When there is anyone there it consists of scenester posers with their arms folded who entertain themselves ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id; loud moronic students & office types who act like they're viewing animals at the zoo. Some DJs can distract you from this traumatic setting by occasionally spinning good tunes if there's a crowd to play to, but ultimately you're best off trying out some of the other Rock Bars in the city for better music, beer & prices.


20 Feb. 2012, 00:02


I agree with the majority of previos posters, this is a very poor venue for metal and mainly survives on very distant past reputations. The staff are terribly rude, the drink is like something you'd be arrested for giving to cows and the music is boring and lazy. Added to that the so-called heavy metal Dublin scene hang around here and pose about trying to out-metal everybody else. Avoid - there's plenty more choice out there in Dublin now. This place is DEAD.


24 March 2011, 00:03


Where else can you be gauraunteed good music, sound staff and cheap drink. I'll tell ye....fucking nowhere!!


14 Feb. 2011, 00:02

Love this place!

Best Rock & Metal Bar in Ireland! Bruxelles Rock Bar went under new management in Mar/Apr 2010 & is all the better for it! With drink prices being some of the cheapest prices in Dublin city centre eg. €4 pints, €4 shots, €4.50 spirits etc. But it's the music that does the talking here with the best DJ's on Thursday, Friday, Saturdays, bank holiday Sundays & after all major gigs playing everything from classic rock to obscure metal! They also do the best after-parties with loads of bands drinking & rocking out there like: Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, Nile, Anthrax, Reckless Love, Anathema etc even the Jackass boys were partying there on their last trip to Dublin last year! All the staff, bouncers & DJ's are super friendly too! Also has the PHIL LYNOTT STATUE outside the door which is cool! So if you like your music loud & party hard this is the place for you! Highly reccommended! They even have a facebook to keep up to date with all that happens:

Under A Funeral Moon

11 Aug. 2010, 00:08

As a Bruxelles regular..

I've been going to Bruxelles pretty much every weekend for the last 2 or 3 years. It used to be very expensive, as per other reviews, but they've been doing great promotions since late 2009. It's actually very good value for money, considering the location. The staff in the rock/metal bar are very friendly. The clientèle are great. There's always a good mix of people. The music really depends on which DJ is playing. They're all open to requests. On a Saturday night, you'll usually hear everything from black metal to glam rock and everything in between. You're always guaranteed a good night in Bruxelles.

Rory mac

9 Feb. 2010, 00:02

Empty your Pockets

Far too expensive. The Rock bar has gone to the dogs in recent years. I've been a regular there for 20 years. The music is terrible, some classic tunes at the end of the night. A lot of macho posturing, the Guinness is particularly bad downstairs, better pints on upper floor. Good blues for free every sunday 6pm.Sad demise of a real metal bar. Many are defecting to a new Fibber's on Ormond Quay across the river


29 Dec. 2009, 00:12


i hate it down here this bar is shitsyshitshit


12 Nov. 2009, 00:11

good pub

good staff, good music...


6 Oct. 2009, 00:10


SEVEN EURO for a pint!!!-go fuck yourselves bruxelles.