3 Crown Alley

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    3 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland, Dublin


    Nice and comfortable bar, with an amazing jukebox every day (you can even select the songs you want to listen to). The staff work hard and fast.
    Sometimes there are some good metal and rock gigs in the second floor.
    It's the place to be if you happen to like metal or rock, including Metallica, Pearl Jam or whatever you may think of.

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  • LaBaguette

    26 July 2011, 00:07


    Nothing metal here. Decent live music that's sometimes on the rock side of things, but that's about it. The pint is not cheap either - only the nice beergarden sort of redeems this place. And the name was changed to The Old Storehouse sometime early 2011.


    18 Aug. 2010, 00:08

    Not a Rock/Metal bar

    Once upon a time (many years ago) it was a regular hangout for rock/metallers but these days it's more of an emo/trendy haunt.

    Davey B

    29 Sept. 2009, 00:09


    it is