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    Viehofer Pl. 3, 45127 Essen, Germany


    More a nightclub than a pub which plays Metal and Rock.

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    Its open Friday, Saturday and before holidays 22.00-06.00.

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    2 reviews

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  • 0711Metallicat

    2 June 2013, 00:06

    4/5 Good place for concerts!

    Went there for Dead by April and it is an awesome location for concerts! It's not so big, that brings you close to the stage and you can go upstairs and look down from a balcony. It's a Club where it is allowed to smoke upstairs in a separate lounge, therefore you have to be 18! After the concert I stayed for another beer and they played good music, 5FPD, Killswitch Engage and the like. What it is worth as a club, I cannot say, but I'll definitely give it a chance, if I ever return to Essen!


    5 June 2008, 00:06

    They know, what metal is

    There are great concerts of underground and of famous and classic bands. It's for nearly 600 people maximum and great heavy metal location. The prices are fair and very good to arrive. They know, what metal is!!!