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Pettenkoferstr. 17 A, Berlin, Belin, 12047, Germany


Club where they have some Metal and Gothic events - check out their website for dates of upcoming gigs, tickets and stuff.

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30 Aug. 2011, 00:08

Depends on the night

Had a good time there thats for damn sure. Not into darkwave that much but if you're social enough its always fun where ever you go. Top floor was just plain rock cause it was one of those nights.. the bartender girl was awesome though.. had a good talk and she poured some shots for us. Cool bonfire going on in the courtyard and cheap drinks and good music makes it a chill place indeed! Definitely a place worth the trip!


6 Aug. 2010, 00:08


Well it was a cool place..a lot of floors but we only liked on..the metal floor.it´s cool that the place is a house..with different orientitations.And it was nice to live at dark hostel..so it was really close to home when you got tired :)


4 March 2009, 00:03


Club K17 is a great club - 3 floors of tunes some good some not so good - in Europe they are much less narrow minded on what a DJ will play and they aren't scared to put on a weird track now and again. Drinks ok beers sucked (but i'm not into bottled beers) they have a deposit to be paid for each glass you get bring the glass back and you get a euro back. I didn't stay in the hostel as i wanted to sleep.. lol! Cheers!


2 Jan. 2009, 00:01

Mixed feelings

The place is quite bi with up to 5 floors, but its dark and dirty as well. Not much interessting decor and a lot of people seem not only to drink beer there. I did not like it so much !


29 April 2008, 00:04

Best Club ever!!!

This is the best club ever!!! No chances of getting bored here, since there are at least 3 different things happening at the same time. The drinks are not expensive and the atmosphere is quite good.


24 April 2008, 00:04

Good Night Out

Been to Jailbreak and Rock and Viking and stil awake? Head to K17. Cheap beer, great layout with a number of different dance rooms. Shame the night we went for (Alter Sack party - Sleaze) ended up more like an 80's pop night (Come on Eileen can NEVER be classed as GlamSleaze). Would definitely go back though as the club is excellent.

Didi Knopf

18 May 2007, 00:05

perfect venue and metal disco

This is the heart of Berlin Metal night life! Enjoy the most extreme bands in the universe (Dismember, Kampfar, Grave, Mortician, Urgehal etc show up on their tours!) in a perfect concert temple! Sometimes you have three concerts at the same time on 4 floors (120-500 people). The Gothic night is great too! And if you visit Berlin make sure to be here at the Metalstorm party with DJ Fifty! F***in best disco ever! Barbecue and open air party in the yard, relaxed atmosphere, cool security, no fighting. Great club! Recommended A++


19 Sept. 2006, 00:09

metal nights!

you're searching for a metal night to headbang, get drunk and meet some cool peoples, thats the place!