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Bänschstr. 79, Berlin (Friedrichshain), 10247, Germany


Former well-known Metal pub, now at a new address. Mainly Death Metal, Hardcore and Thrash. Near the K17 club.

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6 Aug. 2010, 00:08


A pretty small place. the volume was a bit low..but when we asked the staff it they could increase the volume there was no problem:) i don´t think it´s a party bar..but if you would like to chill.. grab a beer and listen to metal it´s a great place:)

Louie Louie

23 June 2009, 00:06


..the people there didn't seem to be happy have customers they didn't knew!! but the music is good (but not loud enough) and varies through different styles, and the wall design is simply stunning. Only beaten by the PandDemonium in Antwerp!


4 March 2009, 00:03

Bit poo...

Place is TINY there was NO chance of being served AT ALL! Full of Punks. It was very busy so it can't be that bad lol!


9 Feb. 2009, 00:02

Very good!

A little bar, but with excellent beer and the best extreme music. Very Good.


11 Nov. 2006, 00:11


Not sure how they can have 'some Metal live events', as it's really tiny. The music was so low that we could hardly hear what song was on. Probably because it looks more of a meet-and-chat place for locals. But definitely worth going, if only for one drink. Try the fantastic brown draught. Stunning Giger-like artworks on the walls!


20 Oct. 2006, 00:10

Rockin Little Bar

The place a little gem in the heart of Berlin, Awesome artwork, friendly staff & very cheap beer. This is a great place to start your night.


5 Sept. 2006, 00:09

Fantastic artwork...

It is worth going here just for the wonderful Gieger-esq 'Alien' type artwork on the walls. It's a small bar with a very 'local' feel to it, but friendly enough. Also, the beer is the cheapest you are likely to find in the whole of Berlin!