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    Niederbarnimerstr. 9, Berlin


    Heavy Metal and Sports bar.

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    2 reviews

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  • CylonKing

    24 April 2008, 00:04

    Great little bar

    Friendly, cheap, good music at night. What more could you want? If you're heading out to Paulies or Halford, why not stop off here as well as it is just around the corner from both places? Well worth stopping for a drink or 2. Food looked excellent as well, though not sampled personally.


    25 Feb. 2008, 00:02

    Well worth a visit

    Small Biker/Metal bar in Friedrichshain. As most of the Metal bars in Berlin are in Fredrichshain you might as well make a small detour and pop into this nice place. It seems like everyone knows each other but the owners are really friendly. In the day there isoften sport playing but at night they play Metal and the beer is reasonably priced. As the sign outside says 'Bratwust, bier, Heavy Metal und Fussball - alles was der Mensch Braucht'.