Rock'n Roll Voltage

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    Rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris, 75004, France


    A record store. Pretty good selection of new stuff.

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  • Shamane

    3 April 2009, 00:04

    Mystery solved...

    Allright, i got it now... the thing in this place is that it is owned by a pair of identical twin brothers -more or less involved in every old-school metal activity known in Paris, particularly Maiden fan conventions-, of which one isn't very nice , while the other is the good one. I know it is cliché to solve a case with the evil twin excuse, and that it could be a gag taken from spinal tap, but I swear it's true!!


    14 May 2008, 00:05

    No it doesn't

    Must have been there at the wrong moment, I agree for the high prices but the seller's always been nice to me.


    27 Sept. 2006, 00:09

    This shop sucks!

    Prices are too high and sellers are not very nice. Avoid!