Black Dog

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26 Rue des Lombards (near Chatelet), Paris, 75001, France


This is a Resto-Bar with focus on Metal and Argentinean meat. Also live gigs sometimes.

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7 July 2019, 09:07


Good music, good drinks, friendly staff.


24 July 2012, 00:07

White cat!

Positive points: -Good variety of drinks -There IS a happy hour, so the drinks aren't expensive all night :) -EXCELLENT food - go to the restaurant! they have some crazy kilo-heavy steak, and if you finish it they carve your name onto their magic wall. It's pretty funny! -Really cool music, probably the best variety of metal in any bar i've been to. They play anything from rock and roll to black metal and they take requests -Fliers and posters around with upcoming gigs and concerts -REALLY beautiful girls, for all you fiesty metal guys out there haha ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;) -Great atmosphere, pretty easy to meet people Bad points: -Atrocious toilets. They smell like.. Hell. -Quite a few posers around, alot of goths/hippies/etc hang around and stick on industrial music and it can be annoying if it's not your taste, but again, variety can be good too, if you like it! -A little stuffy, theres no air conditioning upstairs or downstairs so it's a little humid during summer/spring time -Rude bar staff if you don't speak french -The location isn't the most straight forward and in a very busy and dodgy part of town - watch your pockets!

Metal D

7 July 2012, 00:07

good tunes, and lots of english speakers

Had a few quiet drinks there. Downstairs was rockandroll kareoke and upstairs has a great metal vibe with A restaurant. right near chatelet train station in the heart of paris. I would absolutely go there again. wish id had more time there.


25 Jan. 2012, 00:01

Right place for posers!

A place full of posers, who know very few about music, they are just there to be seen, like almost every rock bar in Paris. Avoid!


4 April 2011, 00:04

nice bar

Nice bar, in the center near to chatelet. It has some preety girls even if the music was somewhat commercial metal-oriented.


3 March 2009, 00:03


I'm from the west of Germany and I'm pretty much spoiled when it comes to bars and clubs. I already went to the blackdog a couple of times and it was always awesome. The music is mostly great and they play also death and trash! It's just that they play sometimes a hole album or weird (and I mean weird, cause I normally like that genre) gothic music. Prices are like everywhere in Paris and I already heard a lot of times, that you should try the restaurant!! Enjoy!


14 Oct. 2008, 00:10

nice place. I'd go again.

went on a weekday by myself- so it was kinda empty (apparently on weekends it's much fuller.. not surprisingly) still the turnover of metal people wasn't too bad. the music is good too. bartender was kind of a dick so don't expect to chat him up (course beer is an international language). still, a nice place. It's also like a 5 meter walk to le klub so if youre there on a weekend you'll likely enjoy having the two places to visit.


23 June 2008, 00:06


Great place - Beer a bit steep but Music excellent. I was tucking into a fat juicy steak with decent wine and listening to Br00tal DM after 15 mins of walking through the door. Recommend. Punters are friendly too.


4 March 2008, 00:03


As seems to be par-for-the-course with all rock bars, the pints here were dodgey. However, the lively atmosphere more than made up for this & the tunes ranged from industrial to glam to metalcore. The restaurant is a real gem so be sure to bring your appetite!


16 Jan. 2008, 00:01

WARNING: unhealthy beer in this bar

If you go downstairs I advise to drink only bottled beer. I don't know what's wrong with their tubesystem but the only beer they pour downstairs is stinky, has a bad taste and sometimes two pints are enough to have an horrible headache... Upstairs it's ok, though. But beware I warned you

Savage Damage

25 Sept. 2007, 00:09


Front room is a metal bar cranking metal on iTunes. Mostly good stuff, maybe not enough early 80s classics for my tastes, but decent. Beer was cheap, mixed drinks were not. It can get crowded unless they open the downstairs section of the bar. In the second room of the ground floor is a restaraunt specializing in South American style steaks, which kick ass! I'm pretty sure they had some vegetarian options as well, because I had a killer salad! Its pretty cool eating in a restaraunt where most of the other diners are metalheads!