Horror-Shop & Tattoo Dungeon

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HORROR-SHOP - pure evil! Horror- Shop is a Helluva good bookstore: Witchcraft, magick, occultism, satanism, literature of the Left Hand Path....and of course we´re always looking for new and interesting literature tailored just for you! We´ve now also stocked with books about making movies, plus all sorts of weirdness- and don´t you dare not to check out our antiquarian store as well! Horror- Shop is Devilishly good recordstore! From our vast collection you can find loads of both new and second- hand albums: Metal (Black, Death, Doom, 80´s, etc.), Psychobilly, Horrorpunk and lots of other music to drive your neighbours crazy. We will also boast with some serious raritites and KVLT- albums in the future, so stay tuned! We also buy albums - even bigger amounts at times- so distributors and wholesalers, get in touch with us! From Horror- Shop you´ll find a huge stock of terrifying flicks, namely horror/ cult/ exploitation/ Asian/ indie- movies from different decades. You might even find titles you had thought were disappeared for good....movies from the times of your innocent childhood- times when you couldn´t sleep properly for a couple of weeks after seeing one of them. And perhaps from us you´ll actually find titles and new acquaintances you hadn´t even imagined of existing. We´ll expanding our stock all the time and from us you can find also documentaries of different sorts. From Horror- Shop you can also get something waaaaay beyond: Stuff so freaky you´d probably never get that from elsewhere- Stuff like shrunken heads straight out of the jungles of South America, handmade Voodoo dolls, talismans, ritual equipment and all sorts of weird things people usually only just whisper of...



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tu to fri 11-18 & sat 10-15


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