The Cockpit

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    Swinegate, Leeds, LS1 4AG, England


    Bar, live music venue and nightclub. Every Saturday is 'The Garage' clubnight. There are three rooms playing Rock, Metal and Alternative Retro. Pub opens at 7.00pm, 6.00pm when a band is playing in the attached live venue.

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  • Erasmus

    7 Jan. 2010, 00:01


    The Cockpit used to have dedicated Metal nights on Saturday nights, but the management have since decided that Saturday nights is now predominantly Indie. Occasionally does a once-monthly 'metal' night. Tuesdays is slightly better with Slam Dunk, but these days it seems to be full of scene kids and may not appeal to older metal fans (like me). Music is good though, Lamb Of God / Mastodon / Metallica / KsE etc, and the beer is cheap, though not good quality.

    16 Feb. 2007, 00:02

    The Cockpit

    There is also a similar night on a tuesday named Slam Dunk where there is offerings of rock, metal, hardcore and emo (we ignore the emo)