The NEW Intrepid Fox

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15 St. Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8LQ, England


Well were all sad to see the old one close down, with all that history and all so here comes a shiny new (for now) one to replace it. This place is more spacious than the old one and provides more seating, there is 2 floors both playing different styles (upstairs more heavyier than the lower) but there is an obviuos lack of charcter with newer buildings such as this (how can they compare with something 100's of years old?). Just has the regular selection of crapy lagers, but I guess that's all us Metal heads need right? And they do sell J├Ągermeister... all in all it's a great comeback for alternative London, they also hold a few different musically themed nights. Unfortunately thier website is lacking information, so best go and check out the posters.

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27 Jan. 2012, 00:01

Good music, generally OK

I know its not the same as the old Fox, but I still like the place. Good music all week, but it is expensive and can get packed (which is good in terms of atmosphere at least!). Worth a visit - just try to avoid the toilets!


28 Aug. 2011, 00:08

Recent review! Intrepid Fox!

The Fox has heart. You won't be disappointed. Great atmosphere. Real staff. Heavy music. Take no notice of the very old reviews. Dirty..? Well, even if that were true....I think we'll survive it!


14 Aug. 2009, 00:08

update to last review

Thsi place is just as awful as the last guy said it was. Do not waste your time.

billy love

28 April 2009, 00:04

very weak

weak and dirty, the crobar and the big red win every time trust me on this


18 April 2009, 00:04

This place SUX

over-crowded on weekends, overheated, over priced drinks, many trouble makers with smelly beards, poor sound quality , smelly bars, slippery floor/stairs to the poorly maintained toilets, ugly DJs, rude arrogant bouncers


27 March 2009, 00:03


I visited this place in Jan 2009. I used to frequent the old intrepid fox regularly so was keen to check it out. The new one has a lot more room and has 2 floors with a pool table upstairs. I went on a Saturday night. Upstairs played a better all-round mix of metal whereas downstairs played older stuff. The bar staff are still as slow and miserable as ever and beer choice is still crap. All in all though its still a great place to spend a night. The alternative types turn up more towards the end of the night.


18 May 2008, 00:05

Thats good!

This locations is much better than the other one, which it was in the middle of the tourist zone... Very spacious and the people are 100%alternative, the music great (metal, hardcore, depends on the evenings) and the place is split in two floors and a little drink area outside for the hot summer!! Here is their myspace page:


12 April 2008, 00:04


Good size place, but pretty mainstream. And the crowd? I guess londoners aren't very open...


5 Nov. 2007, 00:11

nothin special

i visited this pub on both the friday and saturday night. i was expected it to be great but it was nothing special.the music was ok..the played one of lamb of god..they didn't have any disturbed. music over all was pretty tame.


31 Oct. 2007, 00:10

best metal bar in London!

I couldn't disagree more with the previous reviewer! The bar staff was friendly, the regulars were fun, the artwork (spider sculpture) cool and while I also loved the old Fox the new one is a worthy successor. I plan to be back every time I visit London. Make the first visit in the afternoon or a quiet night at first to get to know the staff and patrons, you won't regret it.