K2 (aka The Krazyhouse)

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16 Wood Street, Liverpool (city center), L1 4AQ, England


Alternative music venue which hosts live bands, specific genre nights, and just normal DJing (Rock music). Check out their website for details.

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30 April 2012, 00:04

K1 is where it's at!

One of the only clubs in Liverpool that I'm content going in. K1 is where the heavy rock and metal is, K2 more indie stuff but it strays into pop punk/ general rock, and K3 is for chart hits. A really good night, usually only picks up around midnight though and the drinks (apart from Jagerbombs) are quite expensive even though they're buy one get one free.


25 Jan. 2012, 00:01

This place is a great club

Three floors, K1, K2, K3. All different floors specialising with different musical themes. The top floor is for the trendies, playing some pop music, second floor has a DJ that occasionally takes requests, he played Darkthrone for me the first time I went, I was very happy about that! The drinks seem to be given in doubles, at least both times I went, that happened. Entrance was affordable. You have to do the general ID scan at the door, and there are a lot of security walking around to make sure you're kept safe. A lot of area for bands to play. I met some Black metal heads in the second floor. The place is pretty good.

Emilia Miekarella Limpkin

3 Nov. 2011, 00:11

Was nice!

I was a visitor in Liverpool and i loved the club ok they play the music like everywhere else...lot of mainstream...Blink 182, the offspring, Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach. Typical but was really nice,different floors and nice prices :)


18 Nov. 2009, 00:11


i went to liverpool to see some friends and we went to this location. i loved krazyhouse! had a realy good time here!! prices are okay.