The Rapture @ F&M Upstairs Bar

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40 Bridge Street, Northampton, United Kingdom, NN1 1PA


Northampton’s only goth and industrial music clubnight.
Come and have a great night out at The Rapture whilst listening to great new and old music from industrial, Goth, EBM, Post-Punk, Electro, Hard-Dance Noize etc.
We do our best to keep the events free entry. On rare occasions, should we host bands, we may ask for a door fee, this is purely to cover the costs of hosting the band(s) and not for profit.
The night runs monthly from 8pm until 1am currently at The Black Prince - 15 Abington Square Northampton. Please check out the events page for info on when the next event is coming.
The Black Prince is a real ales pub and carries a large range of ales, ciders and lagers as well as wines, spirits and soft drinks.
Please pass the word onto your friends, invite to the group and events. The night is run locally for the scene so please come and support!!!

The dreaded rules
Do dot bring in your own drinks. The venue is a pub and has a full range of both alcoholic and soft drinks as well as non-alcoholic beers. The venue runs on the profit it makes from bar sales, if it doesn’t sell drinks, it will close down and there will be no venue for your beloved Rapture nights.
There is no dress code but people can dress up if they want to.
The events are not fetish events, but do expect some people may be dressed in non-street wear i.e. latex, pvc, goth, cyber, cross-dress, lolita, cosplay etc. Just because people are dressed this way, does in no means mean they are slutty/available etc. Whether you identify in the LGBT bracket, as straight, black, white, brown, blue, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Jewish, Hindu or whatever – all are welcome. If you are being hassled or abused, please don’t put up with it and either speak to one of the DJs or the bar staff and we will get it sorted for you ASAP.
Please treat one another with respect, do not pester, abuse or try to touch people who are not happy for you to do so. People causing a nuisance, abusing threatening or attempting to harm any attendee on the night, damage the equipment or behaving un-safely may be asked to leave the event and not allowed back including a ban from future events. They may also be referred to the venue owners as to whether they wish to do the same for the venue.
If you hook up with somebody (ies) at The Rapture – I hope you have all had a great time, wink wink nudge nudge ;) This is your business, please keep it that way and do not bring your personal relationship baggage with other attendees to the night. Also please do not create or foster rumors about other attendees.
The bringing and taking of drugs on the premises is forbidden. If you are caught expect the venue to evict and probably ban you. They may even report you to the police and you could be arrested. Be warned.
Anybody who cannot keep to these rules should be considering whether this is the right night out for them.


44 7905 286416

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