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Sokolovská 1260/163, Praha 8 - Libeň, Czech Republic


ERROR is a legendary metal lair founded in 1996 in Prague as one of the first rock metal pubs in the Czech Republic. Over the years of its existence, thanks to its inimitable and maybe even bizarre genius loci, it has gained a status of a cult place not just amongst metalheads, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In January 2020, ERROR underwent a partial reconstruction, the renovation of the beer tapping equipment and an overall improvement of the drink menu. You can hear mainly genres such as Black Metal (both 1st and 2nd wave), Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal and old school Death Metal 🤘, but from time to time other musical specialties as well ranging from the Conan the Barbarian OST, Rock'n'Roll, Pink Floyd to other various bizarrenesses.

Come and soak up the true metal underground atmosphere, taste excellent beers and craft beer, premium whiskey, rums as well as traditional liquors and other delicacies that will convince you of the truth of one of the local slogans: “A lot of fun, few memories.”

Note: You can pay with a credit card as well.

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Mo-Thu - 18:00 - 02:00
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Su 18:00 - 00:00

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Samuel Rökkr

12 June 2020, 12:06

Hell on Earth

If you listen to metal music and will be in Prague, don't forgte to go to Error! Because Error is not just metal pub. It's hell on earth! Great people, super music, hectolitres of beer and booze (nobody here is sober and you wouldn't be too :D ). It's the best place of all :)


12 June 2020, 12:06


credo sia una delle tante meraviglie di Praga...consigliato agli italiani in vacanza ...ovviamente gli italiani metallacci al punto giusto!


12 June 2020, 12:06

totally mad

enough said .


12 June 2020, 12:06

Livin' here everynight :-)

There is seriously no other such a pub like this. I moved to the flat next door from Error to save the time of night-tram traveling. It takes 1 minute and 5 levels up to get home now :-))) so if someone needs a guide, help or whatthehellever, let me know:


12 June 2020, 12:06

Hell over Prague!!

THIS pub abso-fuckin'-lutely rulz!!!! Hails and greetz 2 all those great and mad metalheads i've met there! Cheers 2 the bar-guys who served us the best beer and shots (another metaxa?..hehe)! stop starin' @ ur monitors and get there! Prost! Reddick


12 June 2020, 12:06

Two horns up

Despite being a total hole in the ground, this place has great patrons, great staff and cheap beer. I had a good time and Error, and as a new resident in prague, I am excited to become a regular. You can expect a wide range of music, from iron maiden, to slayer - and everything in between. this place is definitely metal.


12 June 2020, 12:06

Fan site

Check: for some photos, it´s Error fan page on facebook.


12 June 2020, 12:06

Visited May 2009

So it might be hard to find, this map could help:,praha@sss=1@ssp=125014949_127731585_146084773_145524609 A bit too much smoke for me, but we lasted a couple of hours at least. Spent the night listening to Pantera at first, then something I didn't know. Had Gambrinus and mead until the smoke took our breath away too much. Very cool place, but I guess not much tourists are gonna find their way down those steps, through the wooden dor and wait at the metal gate :D


12 June 2020, 12:06

Worth the effort to find it

I went to Error, unfortunately on a quiet night. The venue is clearly geared up for some good drinking, beer was ultra-cheap and music just the way it should be in a club like that. The only problem is the location, I wouldn't have found it without the Metal Travel Guide and it is not a touristy place either. I can see that it is awesome on a busy night.


12 June 2020, 12:06

Great times, went back from seconds!

Took some people from out to error pub, it's a really great underground mostly black metal venue. What really impressed us was that they were playing WHOLE albums, lots of Satyricon and Immortal was definitely enjoyed