Hells Bells Pub

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Na Bělidle 27


A great metal pub which is very close to a subway station called "Andel". The most often they play heavy metal or hard rock. Time to time there is also a live gig. They offer cheap local beer and some craft beers as well!

Cash only!

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Mon-Sat: 17:00 - 03:00

Sun: 17:00 - 00:00

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14 Sept. 2020, 21:09

Good Pub!

****English below**** El bar se encuentra en el sótano de un edificio, en una estancia abovedada que lo hace bastante acogedor. La decoración está bien, con algunos discos colgados, retratos de KISS y algún dibujo de Eddie de Iron Maiden. Fuimos un martes hacia las 21:00h y no había mucha gente (quizá 10-12 personas). No pudimos estar mucho rato (debido a otros planes) pero en el rato que estuvimos la música fue una mezcla de metal extremo-doom atmosférico. El bar es tranquilo y el camarero agradable. Nos pedimos dos cervezas de tirador, una Raven de 0,4l y una cerveza negra de 0,5l, y ambas solo nos costaron 100 coronas checas (unos 4€) El bar está cerca de la parada de metro de Anděl. Un poco complicado de encontrar ya que la entrada se encuentra en una especie de pasadizo a un patio interior de un edificio en el que hay una pequeña puerta de entrada al local. The pub is located in the basement of a building, which is vaulted and make ir a great place to stay. Decoration is good, with some discs hanging on the walls, KISS portraits and some drawings of Eddie from Iron Maiden. We went on a Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. and there were not many people (more or less 10-12 people). We cannot stay for a long time (due to other plans) but during our visit, we could listening some music like extreme metal- doom atmosphere. The bar was quiet and the barman is nice. We drink two beer taps, a Raven of 0.4 l and a dark bear of 0.5 l and them only costs 100 CZK (about 4€) The bar is close to the Anděl metro stop. A little complicated to find it due the entrance is located in a special section of an interior yard in which it has a small entrance door to the pub.


20 Aug. 2012, 00:08


It's the only place in Prague worth going and fiding it, since it's really well hidden. But what one will see, is a real metal lovers den filled with smoke and scent of alcohol. Oh, and Eddie on the ceiling :] Visited it last week and was amazing!


25 June 2012, 00:06

Great place, cheap beer!

On saturday it was filled with metalheads and a great party place, beer was cheap and the bartenders took music requests (for motorhead and airbourne, yeeeeaaah!) sunday was pretty empty, buy we met some guys who were playing cards and they were really friendly so we played together a bit and then headed towards some more popular pubs which they recommended. Cool place, cool people, very cool beer. I will be back on my next eurotrip!


4 Dec. 2011, 00:12

Thumbs Up

This place get's a thumbs up for a metal bar. Staff doesn't know too much english, but is still friendly nonetheless. Beers are really cheap and music is good. I went on a slow night (Sunday) but it was still good. Real cozy place with plenty of surprises going to the bathroom including hidden booths to drink in.


31 Aug. 2011, 00:08

Lovely place, if a bit smoky

Nice little place, can't say it was any more unwelcoming than our local pubs back in England, but wasn't especially friendly either. Table service with tankards of cheap beer, music was most of the Steel Panther album (yay!), lots of Down (more yay!) and then some Sum 41 (hmm). Was busy on the Friday night, but after 2 hours my eyes were stinging from the smoke and we had to leave. Shame! (We much preferred the Bikers Bar in Cesky Krumlov as it had a fab jukebox and friendly people, but CK doesn't even get a section on MTG. :/)


11 April 2011, 00:04

keeping it local

this bar is wicked for a bit of local metal away from the tourists! its downstairs in a basement, off an alleyway making it a bit hard to find, but keep your eyes open and youll be fine. the decor is all concrete, hidden passages and wooden tables. the bar staff are all local and the music is mainly european heavy metal / black metal. fair priced drinks.


12 Feb. 2011, 00:02

On a monday

We were there on a monday, so I understand why the place wasn't filled with people partying. But anyway it was quite disappointing that the bartender was all the time looking at his clock and waiting for the customers to leave so that he could close the place, which he did a bit later. He was kind enough to recommend us an another bar nearby that was still open.


15 July 2010, 00:07

A hell of a bar!

Been there 3 times and everytime it was packed with people. Honza, one of the barkeepers, is a very nice and crazy guy. Saddly one night there were some nazi hools who molested the girls and started a fight with some 80ies poser rock fans. I hope, they will never get in. But back to the bar itself: cheap prices, music is okay, crazy people - waht more do you need? Air can be very bad sometimes.

Thrash Till Death

25 Jan. 2010, 00:01


Pub with ONLY ONE kind of beer? In Prague? In Czech Republic? Losers... Saturday night and they didn't have a Dj. Music from mp3 and terrible shuffle. The servise and the behavior was the worst ever and the customers are strange (mostly not metalheads and definitely not "true". Conclusionfrom my and from other reviews. Tourists Not welcome. F**K OFF THEN!!! In Greece if you go just for a drink in such place you will remember the experience all your life! Check Valhalla bar and you will see... Metal bar ah? "Hell's Bell's"...


18 Aug. 2009, 00:08

Maybe for the locals...

Well... Two years in a row that I visited the place (little stay in Prague after Brutal Assault festival). Both years, staff has been cold to us at best, and this year, the second time we came in, we were welcomed by a "sorry we're full", which wasn't obvious, to say the least... Maybe they really have an issue with froggies (aka french guys)...


1 Aug. 2009, 00:08

Rock pub with cheap beer

Nice little venue. Ultra-cheap beer and varied song list. Even requests take place every now and then. Recommended!