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Jana Uhra 10, Brno - Veveri, Czech Republic, 60200, Czech Republic


It's Brno's most popular Rock/Metal beerhouse. Opened in 2006, it's the town's main meeting venue for Rockers/Metalheads. Stunning interiors, great beer, excellent service and great jukebox. Special events, happy hours etc..

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1 Sept. 2012, 00:09

..I never wanted to leave!!

Paterlord is where a Metalhead really feels at home! I found this great pub thanks to MTG and spent there two totally memorable evenings! Paterlord strikes you immediately with its awesome interiors (the pics above don't do it any justice at all!), then with its unique atmosphere, unlike anything I had experienced before - folks there really dig their Metal!!! :D Excellent beer, home brewed mead and some special shots served in some sort of vial o.o? Last but not least, that jukebox of theirs (Digibox, actually..) left me stunned with its massive selection of Hard Rock and Metal, no other genres allowed!! I must have spent hours on it!!! :D Too bad no such places exist where I come from, the UK, and we're the birthplace of Metal! :°( ..I never wanted to leave!!!!


9 Nov. 2010, 00:11


been there, three time. was ok, guess if you go with friends any place is great. imho is not much unless you're a regular or part of this community. may be wrong, feel free to disagree :). price for booze is great as everywhere in .cz, music as random as a jukebox can offer.